The F2000 series heavy duty trucks, with over 30 years of reputation, perfect for even the most difficult tasks, bring unprecedented values to its users.




Experienced Engineering

Lightweight world advanced design concept, inheriting the company's military qualities and over 41 years of manufacturing experience. Built to meet even the toughest demands and setting the bar for safety and efficiency. This  series of vehicles utilizes Weichai engines, few leaf spring, lightweight high strength frame, rubber suspension and other advanced technologies. Utilizes WEVB engine exhaust breaking patented technology which increases breaking efficiency by more than 55%.

Superior Quality

Cabin utilizes high strength materials, left and right side doors are equipped with high strength anti collision beam, passed ECE-R29 crash test certification, lower floor to ensure the most driving room. Innovative use of lightweight high strength frame. Utilizes advanced Austria CRUISE software.


Trailer Truck Dump Truck
Drive type 4×2,  6×46×6 6×4、8×4
Cabin Lengthened high roof (N)
Lengthened flat roof (J)
Mid length flat roof (D)
Lengthened high roof (N)
Lengthened flat roof (J)
Mid length flat roof (D)
Engine WP10WP12 Weichai power WP10, WP12
Emission Level Euro II, III, IV, V Euro II, III, IV, V
Transmission FAST F9, F10, F12 series  Manual transmission 8F, 9F, 10F
Automatic transmission
Clutch ETONФ430 diaphragm imported or Chinese manufactured   ETONФ430 diaphragm imported or Chinese manufactured 
Front Axle 7.5 ton MAN drum type
7.5 ton MAN plate type
6.5 ton Steyr
7.5 ton MAN drum type
6.5 ton STR double front axle
8 ton STR double front axle
6.5 ton STR
Rear Axle 13 ton Steyr double stage enhanced (drum)
13 ton MAN double stage punch welding (drum)
13 ton MAN single stage punch welding (drum)
16 ton STR double stage casting (drum)
16 ton MAN double stage casting (drum)
Suspension Multi leaf spring configuration Multi leaf spring configuration, 4 main piece + 2 U-bolts or 4 U-bolts
Frame(in mm) 780*2438+5)、850*3008+7 850*3008+7
Fuel Tank 300 / 400 / 600 liter aluminum
380 liter steel
200 / 300 liter steel
300 / 400 liter aluminum
400 liter flat aluminum
Tires 12.00R20, 11.00R20, 12.00R22.5, 11.00R22.5 11.00R20、12.00R20 
The fifth wheel Regular 90 saddle, enhanced 90 saddle, lightweight 90 saddle

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